8 Pool Club Trick Shots Battle

Written by Today Sports

🎱8 Pool Club is a Multiplayer billiards game for Pro players. If you love Trick Shot Pool Game, this is the game for you!

In 8 Pool Club, game play is king! 8 Pool Club has the latest technology and create the most realistic billiards simulator. Thousands of special but real situation on 8 balls pool are prepared for you. From beginner right up to pro level.

Trick Shot Battle with players all over the world
Choose a perfect angle and click spot. Control your power on your cue.
🎱Complete High-Level Trick Shot. Clear the pool in one shot!

You can also challenge other players. The one who clear the ball pool in better Trick Shot will win the game. Go become the king of trick shot pool game.

🎱Play 8 Pool Club and show your Trick Shot skills to other players now!

Key Features
1. Numbers of special but real situation for 
2. Only do one shot in each battle!
3. Clear the pool and you win!
4. Powerful simulation with accurate ball physics
5. Realistic ball animation
6. Smooth controls

Grab your master cue and play now.
Show off your Trick Shot Skills!


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