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Endless Mountain A Snowboarding Game

Written by Today Sports

1. Simple but immersive gameplay.

* Minimalist and intuitive controls: Tilt the phone to the left to turn left. Tilt the phone to the right to turn right. You don’t need to press any buttons! Really simple to play but giving you some really immersive sensations. This is not just another snowboarding
game. Thanks to the Gyro system Endless Mountain give you a refreshing experience!

* Make a pause in your life and with Endless Mountain jump to the mountainside for an infernal descent. Visually refreshing with a winter atmosphere, feel the adrenaline and go down the mountain as quickly as you can but be beware of obstacles. Slalom between trees and rock or your run will stop.

*There is no level, just one big Endless Mountain, so try to go as far as you can. Feel the adrenaline as you slalom down this impressive Mountain. As fun as Snowboarding, tilt and shake to achieve impressive scores!

2. Powerful items and funny costumes

* Catch Slalom flags to obtain impressive powers to help you in your descent. Shield or magnet will make your game a lot easier. Don’t miss the occasion to catch as much as possible.

* Snowboarding is not only about adrenaline, speed and impressive slalom but also about funny atmosphere! Play with visually funny and refreshing skins such as Santa Claus or the Bigfoot!

3. Challenge the best!

* Make Impressive scores and compare it with your friends. Who will be the best at snowboarding? Who will be the King of the Endless Mountain?

* Feel the adrenaline of snowboarding and try to achieve great scores. Will you be just another snowboarder or the best of them?


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