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Curling Strike Curling is Difficult.

Written by Today Sports

A curling mini game popular in the Pyeongchang Olympic Games appeared!
Experience the difficulty of curling with mobile games! !
Of course it is completely free! Let’s aim for the world’s No. 1 ranking! !

◆ New operability ◆
This game is not easy to use like other applications. Almost all the speed, direction, and curve of the stone are decided by one slide of your screen, and fine adjustment is done by sweeping. Therefore, the sense of your finger is very important, it is a game that is difficult as it is.

◆ Two mini games based on curling technique ◆
□ Draw Shot · · · Mode to throw to the center of the house.
□ Take Out · · · · · Mode to spring out stones around the house.
(□ Practice · · · You can study the behavior of stone and practice.)

◆ Online ranking ◆
It corresponds to the ranking function of the whole world. In each mode, let’s compete with players from all over the world!


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